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Brilliant Ice Sculpture - Ice Carving DemonstrationsIce demonstrations are intriguing and real crowd pleasers. Great for...

  • Country Fairs
  • Corporate Events
  • Winter Festivals and Fairs
  • High School and Elementary School
  • Birthday Parties
  • Clubs and Private Associations

For those who wish to educate students or members about the fine art of ice sculpting, Donald Chapelle will formulate a class around your curriculum or event. Lectures and demonstrations are a great way to combine learning relative to the arts and sciences. Donald can add a variety of media presentations in addition to the demonstration for an extra fee. Demonstrations start at 500-600 depending on location and time of year for a two block demonstration lasting 2.5 hours. Call for a quote for demonstrations utilizing 3 and more blocks. Pricing is dependant on location, date and degree of difficulty of subject matter.

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