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Orca Ice sculpture Boston


First Night 2011

Size: 130 blocks, 18 tons, 17 feet tall, 32 feet wide.
Climate: 3 Days very cold weather with the last two days sunny and in the 50’s. Due to the mass and thickness of Orca the pieces came out rather well despite the warm weather.

Brilliant Ice Sculpture created 3 large pieces this year for First Night 

  • At the New England Aquarium we created a 330 lb. Loggerhead turtle named "Munchkin". She was released July '19 after being wash up on shore in Wellfleet with Cold Shock. The New England Aquarium has rescued 210 Sea turtles that have been stranded in Cape Cod Bay when the weather changes quickly in November. The piece depicts Munchkin returning to her home in the trorpics amongst her friends of coral and reef fish. The piece was 16 ft. long x 8 ft. high.
  • 888 Boylston St. Pru Plaza, "Boston Skyline - A winter view from Cambridge". A very large piece about 135 blocks of ice roughly 20 tons of ice 24 ft. wide and 14 ft. tall. Sponsored by Boston Properties.
  • Final piece of the year was installed on January 1, 2020 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the founding of Cohasset MA. 22 ft. wide 10 ft. tall. Look closely and you can see a lobster boat, a light house and historic church. 

Climate: 4 days of warm weather and rain with some very heavy rain. Not the best year for carving but I feel we overcame and presented well.

Total ice block usage for the last three days of December was around 235 blocks of ice at 32 tons of ice. Total sculpture for the month of December for Brilliant Ice Sculpture was 62 tons. 


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