Memorable Large Ice Sculpture at Boston’s 2018 New Year

2019, Green Monster, Benintendi's Catch, World Series Trophy, Fisherman, African Penguins

Three large pieces for 2018 New Year’s Frist Night in Boston:

At the Boston Aquarium we have a 6 ton Blue Lobster made with colored blue ice. The New England Aquarium in Boston has a very rare Blue in one of their tanks. The blue lobster sculpture survived on of the biggest floods to date in the Seaport District and was not taken out to sea.

Our second large piece was commissioned by Boston Properties and was located on the newly renovated Boylston Place on 880 Boylston Street. The 20 ton sculpture “BACKBAY” with the city skyline above it stayed frosty downtown for 2 weeks following new years as temperatures that year hovered between 7-11 degrees.

Finally, we have a 12 foot Tom Brady -TB12 and the Under Armor Logo located on Boylston Place. It was commissioned by Under Armor just before the Super Bowl later in February. Weather was warm for this piece middle 40's.

Climate for First Night '18: Brutally cold for the entire week leading up to First Night and the following two week period after with one very large rain, ice and snow storm two days after the Christmas Holiday.