ice cubes

Top-Quality Ice Spheres and Cubes for Your Celebration

Craft ice is hot!

We sell super clear craft ice spheres and cubes as well as Tom Collins cubes. Delivery fees are not included in pricing below. Pickup is available.

Craft ice has no impurities because of the special process in making the ice. Cubes and Spheres have minimal dilution as it has less surface area to melt and does not have air in the ice that normal cubes do.

Clear Cocktail Cube 1.5 inch 150 case .85 superclear
Clear Cocktail Cube 1.5 inch 10-100 each 1.10 superclear
Clear Cocktail Sphere 2 inch 120 case 1.75 superclear
Clear Cocktail Sphere 2.75 inch 100 2.10 superclear
Tom Collins cubes 4x1.5 75 1.50 fits a Tom Collins glass
Bagged ice cubes 40 lb. each 22.00 normal ice cubes
Superclear Ice Block aprox 35 lbs. 10x10x10 each 22.00 chip off shards barside for cocktails
Clienbel Carving Block 40x20x10 each 110.00 for ice carving, trimmed, bagged and boxed 300 lbs.