Shot Luges

Order Our Exquisitely Crafted Shot Luges

We are very excited to present the latest “Standard Shot Luge”, finally a proven winner with a year’s worth of testing and 100% customer satisfaction. Our shot luges not only function perfectly, they look really cool and our new design stands up in all climates.

These shot luges are crafted using fluid dynamics in mind and then finished with a special design tool for a decretive touch. Shot luges are meant for shots only if you pour drinks down a shot luge you ruin the ice track and the subsequent shots will dribble out. Your shot luge should be delivered when the guest are ready to use it not before. Hey - it’s ice- it melts!

Cash only for shot luges no checks or credit cards, we deliver.

When ordering a shot luge, please have it delivered as close to the time you will be using it as possible. Shot luges are most effective in a timeframe up to about 2.5 - 3 hours.

How Luges Work