Ice Bars

Amazing Ice Bars for a Variety of Parties

Ice is back... and it's hot!

Brilliant Ice Sculpture makes the best ice bars in the Northeast. Our fully functional, staff-friendly, free standing bars make a huge visual impact informing guests; “the party has just begun”. Our ice bars are also created for non-alcohol events such as Bar and Bat Mitzvah or sweet 16 parties. Let us create a custom bar for your corporate event or for your wedding. Our freestanding bar concept can function perfectly for a raw bar, cold noodle bar or Hors d’oeuvre/salad bar. The concept ideas are limitless. We can freeze anything into the ice for the bar from fresh fruit, flowers, herbs or memory inspired items such as pictures. When ordering a bar consider an additional custom gourmet ice luge or shot luge. We can adapt any style, decoration and color into an ice bar. These are the reasons our bars are the best in New England but chiefly our 35 years of high level experience in the some of the best restaurant in the world relates well to superior designs, that staffs feel comfortable and proud working behind.