Skilled Artists Behind Our Stellar Ice Sculptures

Brilliant Ice Sculpture,

located in the North Andover-Lawrence area of Massachusetts, was founded by Donald Chapelle whose 40-year affection for carving has elevated the Boston ice carving scene. Donald's professional ice carving began at age 18 including a seven-year post at Brookline Ice and Coal while executive chef at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, later he sculpted ice at the Ice Box in Roslindale, Ma.


While employed for four years

as a Chef De Partite at the prestigious five star Hilton International in Geneva, Switzerland and Vienna, Austria, Donald Chapelle worked and trained with Japanese ice sculptors creating groundbreaking sculptures for thousands of functions and outdoor events.
Donald also has created many butter, chocolate, and salt dough sculptures for ACF Competitions and events while living and working in Europe and the Americas. This will be Donald's 32nd year sculpting ice for Boston's First Night Celebration.

Chef Chapelle is the driving force behind Brilliant Ice Sculpture and its President. Don has nearly 35 years of experience in culinary arts and has trained with some of the great chefs of Europe and America and executives of multiunit conglomerates.


Driven as a professional ice sculptor, Lars-Erik trains in traditional and modern methodologies at Brilliant Ice Sculpture. Lars’ demonstrations are informed by a BFA from UMass Lowell, thousands of hours of ice carving, and a fascination with public art. As well as abstraction, Lars strives to expand the potential for what can be done with ice.

To his credit, Don is one of the creators

of the high-end, brewery restaurant concept. His distinguished career includes positions as Founder, Corporate Chef, and VP of Culinary for the Brew Moon franchise; Corporate Chef for Whole Earth Foods and Café; Executive Chef - Museum of Fine Arts Restaurant and Galleria Café in Boston; as well as numerous posts titles in some of the most prestigious restaurants in Europe, including the Chef du Partie in Vienna and the Noga Hilton's Bistro Restaurant in Geneva, and as a guest chef of the James Beard House.


His 21st year designing and sculpting

various themed ice carvings on the Boston Common has made him a favorite of Boston's First Night Celebration and endeared him to the hearts of New Englanders and tourists alike.

Don's innovative style, lighter, healthier approach, and varied cooking styles have advanced his astonishing ice sculpture displays and have made him one of the most sought after celebrity chefs in the country.

His media appearances include

the TODAY Show, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, USA Today, Die Presse, New York Times, Associated Press releases, Bon Appetit, Boston Metro, Food Arts, Nation's Restaurant News, Restaurant Hospitality, and Boston Magazine, his awards include... "Best New Restaurant" from Bon Appetit, "Hot Concept Award" from Nations Restaurant News, "Best New Restaurant" in: Philadelphia Magazine, Hawaii Magazine, and Nations Restaurant News and numerous medals from hot and cold ACF food competitions.

Don is a frequent lecturer and donates his time to develop educational programs that pair art with education for schoolchildren in grades 2–12. A native of New England, he and his two sons live in North Andover where he is a competitive runner with the Merrimack Valley Striders, and an avid heirloom tomato gardener.

Brilliant Ice Sculpture—a Green Company.

  • Our building is powered by rooftop solar panels installed in 2012 by the owner.
  • At the end of the night when the party is over our sculptures will end up watering trees, vegetable gardens, or flower beds as opposed to filling up dumpsters then landfills. Brilliant Ice creates cutting edge yet sustainable products that help minimize the impact of waste created by the hospitality industry for event planning.
  • We deliver 95 percent of our sculptures with low-emission vehicles.
  • We reuse or recycle our plastic drip trays, lights, and foam when used.
  • Our plant is heated by our freezer condensers only.
  • We recycle remaining ice from ice sculpture production to chill the water for the next batch of ice blocks, an energy savings of 25% per block.
  • Brilliant Ice Sculpture creates very little waste materials other than organic earth-healthy waste; minimal plastic is used in the making of ice blocks which is reused several times for packing materials.
  • We use only natural ingredients, we do not use chemicals of any kind in the process of creating these amazing sculptures.
  • Only organic cleaning products are used in the cleaning of our facility.

Just Brilliant - Let's Stay Cool

  • 4th of July Road Race in North Andover to benefit the senior center
  • The Golf Ball
  • Lawrence Boys and Girls Club
  • Middlesex Community College
  • The Jimmy Fund
  • The Hearth Foundation

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