Gourmet Ice Luges

Beautiful Gourmet Ice Luges to Enhance Any Celebration

Our high-end drink luges are divided into two pages: gourmet luges and Custom luges, the difference being the later can accommodate text, logo, have an interesting design or a message.

There are two kinds of luges; shot luges and drink luges. You can’t put shots down a drink luge and you can’t put drinks down a shot luge. So that’s why there are two distinct web pages for shot and drink luges.

Our gourmet drink luges are show stoppers. Donald Chapelle’s designs come from 33 years of experience as one of the best chefs in the country; he brings his food experience when designing each luge. One sees serious food design experience with the luges, his designs are copied, but rarely executed with the same color balance and artistic arrangement. They are all one of kind pieces of art, 95% of our drink luges are custom made for the client. We don’t stock these drink luges because like great food, they are made to order and served fresh.

What makes these luges amazing are the fashionable use of fresh flowers, fresh fruit and fresh herbs. “When you combine the natural beauty of fruit and the amazing effect that ice imparts on ingredients by intensifying depth of field, color and light, you have an incredible combination that creates show stopping visual appeal.

How Luges Work